8 Easy Techniques to Hide Your IP Address

Oct. 21, 2020

Caroline McCarthy
Caroline McCarthy

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Did you know that anyone could have access to your internet browsing activity? It’s possible that your privacy could be invaded by third party agencies, hackers and even your internet service provider. You have a basic human right to privacy especially when you’re on the internet. 

So how do you stay anonymous in today’s digital age? Well, there are a few easy ways you can hide your internet activity by concealing your IP address. In this article, we’ll explain eight easy methods you can use to hide your IP address. 

The good news is that you don’t have to be a professional in cyber security to perform these methods. You simply need the correct tools. 

Before you go through the eight methods, take a moment to find out what an IP address is and why it’s important to keep it hidden. 

What is an IP Address?

The internet is made up of myriads of websites and it needs a system to help you connect to these networks. 

An IP (Internet Protocol) is the digital technology that connects you to these networks easily. The IP is responsible for defining, building and linking information packages from one point to another.

IP addresses are system identifiers. This means that every system connected to the internet has an IP address. 

All systems developed on the internet have a unique IP address assigned to that machine. Digital internet browsing devices will have their own IP address in order for it to be identified effectively. 

An IP address also has the capability of pinpointing the exact location of the systems they’re allocated to. This is because internet protocols aren’t simply supplied randomly. 

An organization called Internet Assigned Numbers Authority creates IP addresses and provides them to the world’s five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority will subsequently give IP addresses to ISP (Internet service providers) in those specific regions. 

Your system cannot function without an IP address so you can’t avoid your location being exposed when you use your internet devices. So the best way to hide your IP address is by disguising it with a different one. 

Why Should You Keep Your IP Address Hidden?

Every time you visit a website you’re fundamentally exposing your IP address as it will link your system’s identity to another one. Your privacy will be threatened and you won’t remain anonymous. 

Your ISP, as well as third party agencies, can have access to all your information simply by viewing the activity linked to your IP address. As mentioned before, even your location will be exposed with frightening accuracy. Hiding your IP address helps you remain anonymous so that your location and your activity can’t be tracked. 

Another reason to hide your IP address is to avoid annoyances experienced with unwanted advertising. Third party marketers use your location and your internet activity to bombard you with online ads. 

Easy Methods to Hide Your IP Address

1. Selecting a Premium VPN can Hide your IP Address

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The most effective way to hide your IP address is to select a premium VPN service. Depending on the VPN service you select it can be a reliable way to keep your information hidden. But you will need to do some research to find the best VPN service for you. 

There are many VPN programs on the market but essentially they are designed to disguise your IP address with a virtual one. When you visit websites, the system will only be able to see your virtual IP address and your real Internet Protocol will be hidden. 

Another advantage of VPN service providers is that they have servers all over the world so your location will be concealed. You could be sitting in Australia but the VPN will provide a virtual IP that comes from Norway which means your real location can’t be pinpointed. 

A premium VPN program provides encryption keys and security protocols so your IP address is never exposed. 

VPN service providers can also get around geographical internet limitations. This means you can travel to other countries such as China and Iran who have strict internet prohibitions & browse all your favorite sites without being blocked. 

2. TOR is an Economical way of Hiding Your IP

TOR (The Onion Router) is a worldwide anonymity network operated by outsourced volunteers. When you use TOR your internet traffic is automatically encrypted and funneled through random sequences of nodes that work similar to a proxy. 

The websites you visit can only view the IP address of the last server in the sequence which is called the exit node. These nodes change every time you browse through TOR making it impossible to track your IP address. 

To use this program simply download the TOR browser. It’s easy to use and works the same as your Chrome browser & the advantage of TOR is that it’s free. But the only drawback is that the TOR browser is slow so it may not be suitable for streaming or torrenting. 

3. Use a Proxy for General Browsing

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Proxy servers are excellent tools that act as a bridge for the flow of your internet traffic. These servers work by connecting your information packets to their required location while changing the appearance of these packets as they go through the proxy. 

The proxy seizes the internet traffic to take control of your connection. Everything you do on your device the proxy server mimics so the websites you access will consider your activity as traffic. Websites see the IP address of the proxy server while your real address is hidden. 

This way you’re able to connect to any proxy server in the world. For example, if you want to access a website in China you’ll be blocked from most content due to geographical limitations. Simply connect to a proxy server in a different location to access websites of your choice in China.  

4. Connections to Various Networks

When you change a network you’ll also be changing your IP address. If you have a suspicion that your information has been hacked, tracked or even blocked simply change your network to get a new IP. 

You can do this by connecting to a public or private Wi-Fi network or use your mobile phone’s service provider connection. But it should be noted that Wi-Fi hotspots and open networks have many threats such as malware attacks & hackers. 

It’s best to use a network that requires a password to access the network or use a device that has no personal information that links to your social media and bank accounts. 

5. Contact your Internet Service Provider for a New IP

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If you’ve gone through the section where we explain why you should hide your IP address, you may realize you want to change your current Internet Protocol so you can keep your new information safe. To do this, simply contact your internet service provider and to have them change your IP address. 

They will ask you for your account information, your current IP address and a few security check questions. Once your IP address has been changed opt for a VPN service to keep your new information private.  

7. Mobile Networks

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As mentioned before you can use your mobile network to use a different IP address. This is ideal when you’re experiencing a malware attack on your laptop or PC. It shouldn’t be used to hide your IP address indefinitely as it will prove to be ineffective over time unless you have a VPN on your phone. 

It’s advised only to use your mobile network for emergencies when you want to use a different IP address to the one you regularly use. 

8. Forcible IP Change

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You can do a forcible IP change by unplugging your internet router and plugging it back in again. Sometimes losing the connection to your internet service provider will recycle and replace your IP address with a new one. 

For effective results leave your router off for 24 hours before plugging it back in again. But in order for this to work your internet service provider must use dynamic IP addresses which are recycled regularly. A static IP address is fixed and won’t be changed unless you request a new one. 

Check Your IP Address and Internet Security Regularly

When you’ve tried the top eight methods to hide your IP address, check that your chosen process has worked. Some VPN service providers offer a VPN checking tool that shows you whether your IP address has successfully been masked. 

The IP checking tool will show you what your current IP address is and where you are situated. If your IP address has successfully been hidden it will give you a disguised address and show you a virtual location. If the process hasn’t worked your current location will be seen as well as your real IP address.  


These top eight methods work to keep you hidden for a short time but not all of them should be used long term. The only way to successfully hide your IP address without leaks is to use a premium VPN service provider. 

A VPN has technology that’s capable of giving you added layers of security such as encryption keys, proxy servers, and even firewalls to protect your internet browsing activity. VPN programs don’t slow down your internet speed and they allow you to get around geographic limitations more effectively.

To find the right VPN service provider look for sites that review them. The VPN reviews will give you advantages and disadvantages of each VPN program so you can select the program you prefer. Some reviews give you a full overview of how to set up the programs, the encryption keys they use and what their jurisdictions are. 

All VPN service providers have regular updates to keep you safe from new potential threats that are developed. So stay anonymous and protect yourself from hackers and third party agencies: hide your IP address using a VPN. 

Do you have another method that you use to hide your VPN? Let us know how you keep your internet activity private by leaving us a comment below. Others will be happy to learn new and effective ways to stay anonymous. 

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