Anyone who uses IoT (internet of things) with a network-compatible device should be using a VPN. If you’re serious about keeping your online activities private then you’ll need RusVPN. But what is it about RusVPN that makes it an ideal virtual private network for internet users?

That’s what you can find out in this RusVPN review. Today we’ll be discussing what features this service provider offers as well as its encryption type and what its logging policy is. Keep reading to find out how the RusVPN performs and if it’s compatible with your requirements.

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RusVPN Overview

RusVPN is a multi-platform program developed by Atrix Group Ltd which is a company that’s registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica. The platform offers secure anonymous browsing and secures networks. It’s also an excellent VPN for those who are new to virtual private networks and how they operate.  

RusVPN Product Review

Security and Privacy Features

DNS Servers

Most VPN service providers work on private DNS servers to ensure your internet activity stays confidential. RusVPN has DNS and IP address leak prevention. The DNS servers on this platform are always running at high speeds and DNS traffic is fully encrypted to ensure there are no leaks.

Encryption Type

VPN service providers use encryptions so that hackers or third party organizations can’t view your online data. The encryption keys are designed to turn readable data into indecipherable codes. But the type of encryption a VPN service provider uses is important because not all of them are secure.

Fortunately, RusVPN uses 2048-bit SSL encryption keys which will keep your data hidden from anyone trying to spy on your browsing activity.

Kill Switch Feature

One important feature that RusVPN has is a kill switch. This function will automatically drop your connection in case your VPN stops working. The kill switch prevents unencrypted traffic from being transferred to your device whether you’re using a SmartPhone, laptop, PC or tablet.

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RusVPN Logging Policy

Some VPN platforms have to adhere to the laws of their jurisdiction. This means they have to log certain information when you use your VPN. But high-end service providers that are stationed in the right countries, such as RusVPN, have a no-log policy that won’t record your IP address and connection logs aren’t maintained.

RusVPN Authority

It’s important to know where a VPN service provider’s headquarters is located to know what jurisdiction they fall under. This is because a country’s laws will tell you what the extent of a VPNs protection will be.

Since RusVPN is registered under the Commonwealth of Dominica where there are laws that protect your privacy. This country’s laws are ideal for a VPN service provider because it allows RusVPN to keep your information safe and private especially from overseas governments.

What is RusVPN’s Protocol?

RusVPN uses OpenVPN (UDP and TCP), LT2P and PPTP protocols that you can switch between. You can manually select your protocol or allow the app to do it for you. It’s recommended that you select OpenVPN because it’s currently the most secure protocol to use.

RusVPN Features

RusVPN Speed

RusVPN offers excellent speeds so when you’re streaming videos or music you won’t experience lags or downtime. Pick a server near you that offers the best speeds.


You can connect RusVPN to the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Smart TVs
  • Routers

The RusVPN provides unlimited server switching so you can hide your IP address no matter what device you use.

How Many Devices can RusVPN connect to?

You can connect five devices per license. If you want to connect more devices you’ll have to buy an additional license.

Streaming and Torrent Features

RusVPN is an excellent platform to use for streaming. You can uncover many geo sites such as Netflix, HBO and BBC iPlayer. It takes a while to uncover Hulu but you can try and switch to another server to see if that will help to do it faster. 

Number of Servers

RusVPN has over 350 servers located in more than 50 countries covering five continents. This allows you to pick a server that’s closest to where you are so you can experience a faster connection.

RusVPN Pros

  • No log policy
  • Uncover geo-restricted sites
  • User-friendly interface
  • Has a kill switch
  • Uses excellent encryptions

RusVPN Cons

  • Basic VPN features
  • Doesn’t work well for Windows
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Final thoughts

RusVPN is an excellent platform for people who aren’t tech-savvy. The interface is easy to operate and it doesn’t log your personal information. You won’t experience any IP or DNS leaks with RusVPN so you’ll remain 100% anonymous online. Keep your data safe from hackers and third-party invaders with a secure RusVPN subscription today.

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