Why Buy a VPN Before Purchasing a Plane Ticket?

Nov. 10, 2020

Copley Sutton
Copley Sutton

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Even though booking and planning trips are convenient because it’s done online it can still be difficult finding affordable deals. Plane tickets are an expensive part of your travels and it can be quite the challenge finding cheaper airfare. 

A common reason why you might be struggling to find affordable plane tickets is because of the location you’re in. Websites use your location to offer you airfare based on the area’s market. But what if we told you there’s an easy way to find cheaper flight fares? 

All you need is a VPN to change your apparent location. Continue reading this article to find out how buying a VPN before you purchase a plane ticket can be beneficial to you.  

How do Air Flight Websites Track Your Location?

A screengrab shows Boeing Max 8 airplanes in the skies around the world as of 1 p.m. PDT using the FlightAware.com website.

Your IP (Internet Protocol)

The way websites track where you are is through your IP address because every site you visit is recorded under it. Your location is also recorded under your Internet Protocol. 

So when you try to book tickets on your device, the website will automatically detect where you are through the internet protocol. This can affect the price of your airfare. 

Mobile GPS

Some people book flight tickets through mobile apps or on SmartPhone browsers. But the GPS feature on your device can reveal your location. If you use your SmartPhone to browse for plane tickets the sites will offer you prices based on where you live. 


If you give certain websites permission to access your information they will be able to pinpoint your location based on your Wi-Fi data.

Browser Cookies

When you browse the internet the webpages you visit and all the activities you perform are recorded as cookies in your browser history. Airplane ticket comparison sites use your internet cookies to see when you’ve searched for an item more than once. 

These sites can increase the price of air flight tickets based on the number of times you’ve searched for travel destinations to the same place. 

How to Save Money on Flights Using a VPN

Clear your Browser Cookies

Before you opt for a reputable VPN service provider, you must first clear your browser cookies. As mentioned before, the browser cookies save all your internet information under the history tab. Flight ticket comparison sites will use your cookies to track where you live and your internet activities.

Vendors use certain methods to get people to buy plane tickets immediately based on your browser cookies. Sometimes they will increase the price of tickets online to make you panic so you can buy the airfare immediately before it fluctuates again. 

So how do you get a fair price on your ticket? All you have to do is clear your browser cookies and install a VPN to conceal your online activities. 

Hide your IP (Internet Protocol Address) With a VPN

In order to hide your online activity, you’ll need to disguise your IP address with a fake one. VPNs were designed to allow people to browse the internet anonymously and one of the ways it does this is by disguising your IP address with a virtual one.

It’s important to hide your IP address before purchasing plane tickets because your spending history is recorded under your Internet Protocol. The costs of flight tickets could automatically be increased based on your purchase history. Installing a VPN will hide your IP address completely so that these flight vendors can’t see your purchase history or the destinations you want to go to.

The VPN also saves you from being bombarded by flight advertising. 

Change your Location with a VPN

Online flight sites will offer you prices based on where you live and sometimes these fees can be higher than you can afford. Fortunately, a VPN can help you fix this problem easily. One beneficial feature of a VPN is that it’s able to completely change your apparent location. Changing your location using a VPN before purchasing your plane ticket can reduce costs quite significantly.

A VPN typically has a user friendly interface depending on the service provider you opt for so changing your location with a simple click of a button is that easy. 

You can Make it Look like you’re in a Different Country

One aspect of changing your location using a VPN is that you don’t simply have to stay within your country. You can disguise your real location with a virtual one by connecting your VPN to a server in a foreign region. 

Some foreign countries offer cheaper airfare because people there earn less than other regions, so select a location that will bring your price down drastically.

Always Browse the Internet Anonymously

The airfare comparison sites will always try to sell you the most expensive tickets you’re able to buy. These sites can detect your spending history so they can basically view your budget. 

For example, if your purchase history is in line with first-class airfare you’ll receive the best deals on these types of tickets. The only way to prevent this sort of marketing scheme is to browse for ticket prices using a VPN. 

The purpose of a VPN is to allow you to browse the internet anonymously. This prevents your internet privacy from being compromised and you won’t get marketing ads based on your browsing activity. 

By searching for airplane tickets using a VPN you’re able to receive cheaper deals because the price won’t be based on where you live or your browsing behavior.

Final Thoughts 

The next time you want to travel, consider purchasing a VPN before you browse for ticket price deals. There are various VPN service providers that are user-friendly and will help you save a small fortune on your airfare. 

If you’re looking for a VPN that will help you save money on flight tickets, opt for NordVPN or Express VPN because they’re the most secure virtual private networks on the market. These VPNs will also assist you with other cybersecurity requirements such as unlimited and anonymous torrenting as well as no user logs or IP address leaks. 

Will you be using a VPN before purchasing your plane ticket? We hope this guide helped you with the information you needed to save money on your airfare prices.

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